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Apartments with parking in Dubai: things to consider

Most of the available Dubai resorts are located at a decent distance from the city. It is most convenient to get there by car. If you intend to live far from the city center, we think it would be a good idea to buy apartments with parking in Dubai. In the catalog of Emirates.Estate there are beautiful apartments and houses with parking that are of undoubted interest to car owners. In this article, Emirates.Estate explores some tips and tricks to help car enthusiasts with choosing the perfect hosing with parking in Dubai.

Consider the Location

First things first, when looking for an apartment with parking in Dubai, it’s important to consider the location. Some areas of the city are more car-friendly than others, so you may want to focus your search in these areas. Areas like Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Marina, and Business Bay are known for having plenty of parking options.

However, you should also consider the distance to your workplace or other important destinations. You don’t want to spend endless hours in traffic trying to find an empty parking spot. Besides, try considering the proximity to public transportation. If you have access to good public transportation options, you might not have to rely on your vehicle as much.

Parking on the property: advantages of the solution

Parking located on the property is more convenient than a separate building a few blocks from your house. To get there, you do not need to run around the city in frosty, rainy weather or unbearable heat.

The attractiveness of projects of houses with parking is also illustrated in the following points:

  • the car is better protected from car thieves
  • at the disposal of the owners is a private comfortable parking
  • the car is located in a fairly warm room, the fuel consumption for warming up the engine is reduced
  • at any time, it is possible to carry out maintenance (change tires, oil, filters, clean the interior)
  • one driveway is organised that does not violate the harmony of the landscape

Look for Individual Parking Spaces

In most solutions, the exit from the main room to the technical one is perfectly organised, which, in addition to ease of access, solves the problem of bringing bulky things.

While some apartments may offer street parking or shared parking spaces, it’s best to look for apartments that come with individual parking spots. This ensures that you’ll always have a guaranteed place for parking and won’t have to worry about finding one when you come home late at night.

If you’re renting an apartment, make sure that an individual parking spot has been included in the singed rental agreement. You don’t want to be surprised by charges for parking. Additionally, before signing the documents ask if the parking lot has enough space to accommodate your vehicle. Sometimes happens that parkings are too small for larger cars.

Project types and selection features

On Emirates.Estate website you will find multiple offers of various layout options:

  • parking for one, two cars or its location in the basement
  • two-storey cottages with a common roof and a covered passage leading to the car box, or a terrace above the annex
  • with stairs leading to parking inside the apartment to save space in the house

Projects of houses with parking lots in Dubai have different functional, architectural solutions, differ in area, layout. Emirates.Estate guarantees to help each potential buyer choose an option that meets their individual needs and financial capabilities. 

Consider the Cost

Finally, it’s important to consider the cost when looking for an apartment with parking in Dubai. While having a dedicated parking space may be convenient, it can double up your rental costs as well. Make sure to consider this while budgeting your future housing. 

The costs of parking in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the location and type of parking. In some areas, you may be required to pay for parking on a daily or hourly basis. While in other areas, you may be able to find some free parking spots.

It is understandable that searching for an apartment with proper parking in Dubai can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. With the help of Emirates.Estate professionals you will definitely find the perfect apartment with parking to fit your needs and budget. 

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